India, that is Bharat…

1st Article of The Constitute of India: India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.

I always wondered.. why Bharat is also known as India. Our name does not change with change in language [:p].. then why Bharat has multiple names.. i.e. Bharat, Hindustan and India.

Here is something interesting i got to know.

1. Bharat:

“The word Bharat has vedic origin. It means the source of light for entire world. Contrary to popular myth which attributes ‘Bharat’ to a king. Bharat is name of our country since dawn of vedic civilization because this was where Vedic arts and Sciences flourished first.”

Interesting thing to note is.. the earliest reference of term Bharat (in Hati Gunfa enscription of Kharvela Kalinga of Orissa) is after this vedic age.

Man… I was so sure that… long long time ago there was a king Bharata… and hence the name Bharat. One small thing taught in school.. but finally it turned out to be a myth.. I am sure I will know lot more such similar myths and their facts.

2. Hindustan:

To enter India from only possible and feasible route to Bharat is from North West after crossing river ‘Sindhu’. Persians had problem in pronouncing this term. So they called it Hindu, the place thus ‘Hindustan’. Basically to differentiate between them and the Indian, they used the term Hindu. So, it was like Hindu and non Hindu.and hence the word Hind and Hindavi.

3. India:

Greeks called the river Sindhu as the Indus river.. same reason; they could not pronounce the word Sindhu properly, hence the word India. And this is the reason why western world uses India instead of Bharat…because they were introduced this way by Greeks.