I donno what provoked me…that I took part in Delhi marathon.

Very keenly I filled the registration form online. And was determined to run. I wanted to ‘remember the joy of running’ as their punchline says. But I forgot one thing…instead of a small potly residing harmlessly on the two legs, the place has been replaced by quiet big matka (or the single pack as I say :p)

Now jogging is no fun it has become exercise a painstaking lung squeezing exercise. Anyways… ata decide kela ahe tar kela ahe.

Just finished the formalities. Got my running number. Ab to bas daudna hai. Marathon is on sunday. Early in the morning. I hope I will get up early.

Delhi daudegi…!


Delhi heights…


I managed to write a blog using mobile.

From capital city of state i.e. Mumbai I have capital city of country… Delhi as it is written on maps; Dilli if I type phonetically; Dehli as it was known some time back (and still used in some part).

If I have to define Delhi in single word I would say ‘huge’, I have never seen such big houses and roads anywhere. Mumbai has taller buildings. but houses..baapre. And its just tip of ice-burg. I have not roamed in capital city that much. just been restricted to 3 km radius. (room to tuition and back) x 2.

About the boring routine, I wonder how people eat paratha as breakfast every single day. But now even I have become part of it. So its b’fast- tuition- lunch – tuition- dinner (study is invisible and constant factor everywhere, so not written explicitly).

In short, there is not much happening to write abt. But I am come across some terrific facts which I’ll surely jot down.