Me… Blogging…??!!!

When I first heard about blogging I wondered why on earth would you share your things with the “world”. If you want to write something better write it on diary and if you want to show it to someone then better show it you to friends… why would you share it with “world”. And when my friends used to tell about their blogs… I would say “मी आणि ब्लॉगिंग…. जा बे.. शक्यच नाही”… and would say “Whatever… I will never write a blog”

Well…I was wrong :p

Blog is really nice platform to put what you think on the world wide web 🙂 I donno how often I am going to write blog… and about what… but still I want to write… Blog is cool way to stay (partially) connected to our friend… it is not easy to keep all the “worth telling” incidents in a stack and tell all in 5, 10 minutes call with our friend who stays “far-far-away” 😉

I am not hardcore blogger… but I will write when I get a feeling like “this should be shared yaar…”
Hope to see you at my blog… 🙂