Importance of local languages for unity and integration of India

“India is perfect example of Unity in diversity” we were taught in school. But recently use of local language especially Marathi was targeted by media and this issue was blown out of proportion.. Since inter state migration has increased many fold, there is need of handling this situation delicately.

In this blog I have expressed my take on this issue, by taking Marathi Language at centre.

First.. some FAQs :p

Q. Why it important to insist for Marathi.. lets all embrace hindi language which is our National language..
A. First of all, Hindi, is not our national language.. all the languages mentioned in Eighth schedule of our constitution are our national languages.
Secondly, India is perfect example of unity in diversity. One of the prominent reason why India could successfully celebrate 50+ years of strong democratic republic (unlike neighbouring countries) was india’s stand on the diversity issue. Right from the time of independence, indians are lawfully allowed to maintain their diversity.. this can be underlined from the fact that india has not accepted any language as their national language also from the different policies such as “Panchsheel”, time and again india has proved herself to be a secular, balanced nation. The point is.. the prominent reason why india could maintain its unity is because diversities are allowed to maintain themselves. Which has worked in India’s favour. Now, if one language/culture becomes threat to other language, resistance is inevitable.

Q. Aren’t we undermining Nationality to Regionalism?
A. Why the hell speaking in Marathi.. or preferring Marathi in her homeland is treated as anti-national. “Me Pratham Bhartiya and ani shvatidekhil Bhartiyach ahe..” this sentence if i speak in hindi.. do i become more indian? Moreover I would say being Indian is my single identity..marathi-ness is imbibed in my culture and in no sense it affects me being indian..

Q. Mumbai is first for Maharashtra vs. Mumbai is first for India?
A. When you are born you become a child of your parents and grand-child of their parents at same instance!!! But if one is speaking of reservations in government jobs then preference should be given to local people.. that’s why 70-30 ratio equation is used since long time.

Regarding mumbai-marathi-maharashtra…
Marathi is not just a language.. marathi is culture.. it is developed by people living in maharastra since decades..and enriched by people coming from different parts of country and world. Some of these people may not speak much in marathi, but still.. they are marathi by nature.. they have marathi culture imbibed in them. Marathi culture, where we have welcomed people from other linguistic region and have accepted them.. Marathi culture where we speak in other language so that it should not be troublesome for other people.. Yes we have accepted people from other linguistic region.. but till what extent..

Constitution has given right to all people to freely roam and start business in any of the region of Indian territory PROVIDED it does not cause problem to the local people. Poor chap comes from some other state and settles down here…accepted.. after him.. he brings 100s of his friends to work here.. accepted.. but because of him.. common local man being thrown out of is unacceptable!

Yes we speak in the language convenient for other people. Even if single person of our group does not understand marathi we start speaking in hindi or english language. Which is fine.. as it is marathi people have rubberacha kanaa.. vaaken pan modnar nahi..dakshinetlya lokansarkha baanaa ithe kuthe! but considering the time spent by non marathi speaking people in maharashtra it is strange they don’t require to learn this language. Here, even ajmal kasab learns marathi without any special need in span of 1 year. and 15 years of domicile is not sufficient to understand marathi.?? it is shame..shame for marathi people.

I remember one incidence. When I was in Delhi, our paperwala came home to ask for monthly payment.. just out of curiosity he asked which state I came from? I replied Maharashtra. He said, “Main 15-20 din raha hoon pune, nasik mein. Bade achchi shahar hai.. log bhi achche hai..”. I replied.. “Kyon bhai.. delhi ke log kya bure hote hai kya?” He said..”nahi nahi, aisee baat toh nahi hai.. par waha khamakha baat baat par koi raste pe maa-bhen ek nahi karta.. yaha par jo dekho woh apni laal karne mein tula hai..baat baat pe gaali galoch shuru kar deta hai..”

The point I want to put here is.. a set of people living in specific region have developed culture of their own. And it works best for their interest. Whenever culture of local people starts being dominated by other culture.. a sense of insecurity among locals prevail. And if not checked in time.. outburst will be seen.

I condemn the marathi saviour approach of some political parties who directly attack people from states like UP and bihar.. but considering the problems faced by metro cities.. like.. providing civil amenities.. water etc. there is urgent need to regularise the flow of migrants. Language was, and still, is a very good regulator.. provided it is used properly. Anything in excess is harmful.. even excess of sugar is responsible for diabetes.. isn’t it?

I don’t want to be anti Hindi.. i believe there is a need for a common language which connects indians as a whole and stands out as language of india. It was really nice to hear “apka swagat hai” from Obama when our PM paid visit to white house. But let hindi be used as a language for connecting people. not a cause for separation. Let language of india be cause of enrichment of different cultures of india and not a cause for destruction of other languages/culture.

Here is simple process I use.

first talk in marathi..
if {other person is marathi.. 90% are chances that he will reply in marathi}
else if {other person responds properly in hindi which means he understands marathi.. speak in marathi.}
else if {other person does not understand marathi… why to make him hostile to new state.. speak in hindi}
then {marathi will be saved as speaking language}

तात्पर्य: अती तेथे माती!

P.S.- First part of this blog is: Congratulations guys.. we are successfully poisoning ‘mai marathi’… You can directly access it at:

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7 thoughts on “Importance of local languages for unity and integration of India”

  1. >Really nice and mature thoughts.And I think there is nothing wrong in learning the language of a region or scocity which avails us an opportunity to work and earn.

  2. >We cannot stop people from coming to the state!! It is just not possible. What we can do is assimilate them into our population. In other words make them Marathi!!!!Now, the best tool the government has to make these people Marathi is education!!! And, this is where the problem begins. How on earth is a student from ICSE and CBSE schhol in Maharashtra to learn Marathi if he is never taught it properly?If students know they do not have to give an exam for Marathi then whats the point in studying for Marathi?Let us also understand that Hindi should not be taught to children in schools because constitutionally Hindi and Marathi have an equal status, and Marathi being language of Maharashtra gains precedence.I believe the need of the of the hour is to change the education system of the state and to make it more suitable to the state!!!Yes, we should have greater autonomy for Maharashtra. And not only for Maharashtra but for every state!! Maharashtra is a sub-national entity within India. And Maharashtra could very well be a country on its own if it chooses to.!!!A union, is exactly just that, a union. Not a forced partnership where one partner is forced to give a whole arm whereas the other partner only gives a finger, all in the name of integration. Urgent – Need to get out of the three language formula, and implement a two language formula! English ( job la mahatvachi!!) ani Marathi (aapli bhasha!!) Hindi nako!!

  3. >@satyajit: i agree with most of your points.. but i differ in some aspects.. 3 language formula is good. but i believe, Hindi should be taught just elementary. so that a child can understand and respond in hindi. nothing more.and no matter what we say, language plays a major role in unity of our country as well. so every person of our country must learn hindi, just for communication's sake. Hindi as compulsary language just for 5th and 6th class would help i guess.

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