Congratulations guys.. we are successfully poisoning ‘mai marathi’…

Congratulations guys.. we are successfully poisoning ‘mai marathi’ and embracing english and hindi successfully.

When I was in school.. I was asked by my parents to give attention in English class. (I took my school education in Marathi medium). Ten years later, I find parents telling their child to concentrate more in Marathi class. They make their child join special tuition for Marathi. I have many of my friends who can speak and understand Marathi very well.. but find it very hard.. and time consuming to read the devnagari script. That’s why I am writing this post in English rather than in Marathi. (will cautiously write in minglish for your convenience). I wonder if last decade of 20th century was sufficient for wiping off Marathi script from the mind of young educated people.

It is well accepted fact that the language used has direct impact on all the dimension of human life. First blow is taken by the art,literature and second by culture. Art and literature is already blown out by english/hindi.. this is seen by closing down of numerous Marathi schools and depleting number of good writers and poets. The superior quality Marathi movies that we are watching these days are made by the last generation of so called Marathi ppl… the people of last decade of 20th century who still think in marathi!

Before english people established their hold on Indian territory.. a british analyser had written a letter to English king; summery of that letter was “indian people are closely knit by their language, if we want to establish control over this vast region we first have to change the thinking of these people by teaching them english”. Thinking responds in action. And this is exactly what has happened. Because of over emphasis on English the convent going school children loose marathi touch right from the Jr. KG. Same thing applies to marathi medium students when he goes to college.

In mumbai local I find the youth reading gujrati newspaper, some tamil, telugu newspaper, or navbharat times.. but a youth reading loksatta, lokmat, sakal, very difficult to find. That is real pity I must say. Friends ask each other: Tu Times nahi wachat tar kai honar baba tujha... effect: apan times wachaila lagto.. pan times madhye nemka kai wachto/baghto te sugnyaas sangne nako.

I completely agree that, world and national news are very well covered in English paper. But what about the regional news.?? NONE of the english paper gives the balanced views on regional news. And most importantly what about literature and the cultural touch?? Sakal’s Mukhapeeth, Loksatta’s Chaturang etc. these supplements are thousand times better than the BT, PT supplements. Reading or atleast browsing through these paper would suffice. It will keep that marathi-ness in you and marathi thinking alive…but Arey aplyala Marathi mahitach naste kai ahe te tar kashala apulki watel mai baddal tya peksha videshi vaghinach bari..nahika.

The reason why french and german opposed english was that, english is a poor language..German, French were to proud to neglect their own rich language for sake of english. Marathi is also a very rich language.. far rich than english.. but here we find bliss in reading dan brown than Shivaji Sawant. Mrutyunjai, Yayati, Peshwa, Chava etc. reading these books will make you realise the superiority of Marathi. I agree, that not much of new writer are of the calibre to match with those epic writers.. but why would there be any.. when the cream of society.. that is you, is afraid to buy a marathi news paper… mag ashi darjedar lekhak tayar tari kuthun honar? CB chya futkal novel peksha changly novel marathi madhye nahi ka lihita yenar? It is possible.. but for that marathi reading is important.

Ani, Marathi pustak vachave ki nahi, ha tumcha nirnay ahe.. pan pudhchya pidhee la Marathi pasun duravnyacha hakk tumhala koni dila?? At least save it for next generation as a speaking language.

Bottomline.. at least read/browse marathi newspaper.

About Marathi Schools… I opine it is time that all marathi schools of urban areas must be converted to semi english.. In semi-english medium all subjects are taught in marathi medium excluding science and mathematics which are taught in english medium. Teaching science and math in english will keep parents happy that their child will is getting ready for future. (I donno how come these baseless thing affect the fragile mind of parent :p.. I have many friends who speak and are grammatically more correct than those hailing from english medium. and are equally successful career-wise). Teaching marathi of marathi medium will keep its quality intact. Nahitari Shivaji-maharajanchya itihasachi chav english madhun ti kai yenar.. shivaaji chya aivajee shiv-ji mhananari bhasha ti. Nustich shikshit karnyapeksha, mule ‘su’shikshit karne mahatvache aste.. sanskrutiche jaan asnare shikshak asave lagtat..tya sanskruti chi jaan ya matitlya “shaletch” milel.. “school” madhye navhe!

Mala vachvaichi ahe Marathi, karan ya maticha ani majha sambandh ajun tutla nahie.

Mala vachvaichi ahe Marathi, karan hrudayala jaun bhidnari taakat maiboli shivay dusryaat nahi.

Mala vachvaichi ahe Marathi, karan.. karan ti mai aahe majhi.

मराठी भाषा दिन अभिष्टचिंतन!!!

P.S.- Second part of this blog is: Importance of Local Languages for Unity of India. You can directly access it at:

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9 thoughts on “Congratulations guys.. we are successfully poisoning ‘mai marathi’…”

  1. >itka surekha ahe lekh ki mi skim-through (marathit kaay mhantaat😦 ) … umm… mhanje bharaa bharaa vaachat shevat pohochnyapaasun swatahala thaambavu shakle nahi…. surekh, suspashta, manaala bhidnaaraa, ani manaat kholvar dablele.. ani dabunach rahilele vichaar udyukta karnaaraa… punha ekda man laun vaachen tenvha phone karen… to paryant… kaljee ghe mitra!🙂 maja ali re kapya🙂🙂

  2. >आणि हे शीर्षक – 'कालचीच गोष्ट' अगदी योग्य आहे कप्या… वेळीच काळजी घेतली नाही तर आपली माय मराठी कधी कालची गोष्ट झाली कधी कळणारच नाही… बालपणीच्या बाल गीतांसारखी, आजी आजोबांनी सांगितलेल्या गोष्टींसारखी… लहानपणी शाळेबाहेर मित्रांसोबत टवाळक्या करत खाल्लेल्या खाऊसारखी… आणि मराठीच्या गृहपाठात केलेल्या शुद्धलेखनाच्या चुकांसाठी खालेल्या छड्यांसारखी :प … गंमत सोड रे, पण खरंच – "असो".. "जाऊ दे".. असं करत करत.. म्हणजे खरं तर दर वेळेस 'let go' करत – आपणच तर दुर्लक्ष करतो ना आपल्या मातृभाषेकडे – खरं म्हणजे जिचा वापर अगदी स्वाभाविकपणे व्हायला हवा आपल्या दैनंदिन व्यवहारातून – कधी समोरच्याला (मराठी) काळात नाही म्हणून… तर कधी आपल्यालाच योग्यवेळी योग्य तो शब्द आठवत नाही (किंवा खरंतर माहीत नसतो) म्हणून…!

  3. >Agree with everything you said kapya.. I would add to this – Its more shame when nowadays "actors in marathi movies use English sentences along with marathi" .. Listening to the English in marathi movies is so irritating – for eg – college students in marathi movies use words like "don't worry yaar" or "wats up dude" blah blah blah.. It would be more touching and connecting if some someone says "kasa ahes" or "kalji karu nakos". Dont u think so? I think "Marathi is far more 'connecting' language that English is."Basic point is – we won't find any more good and touching marathi movies if the language is not PURELY MARATHI.

  4. >chill man….English is what the world needs not Tamil, Telugu, Bengali or Marathi and learning a new language is not a sin by any stretch of imagination. And aboutt using English in regional movies, i must tell you that they are ok. I mean u can lap up heroes throeing baddies around like they were made of sponge and heroes and but not college students speaking in English??And dont you dare say that movie is an artform. It ceased to be since long back. Dont poison young India with your random opinion.

  5. >@shon: seems like you have no love for your mother tongue..You have not read my blog post complete.. or you did not get what i wanted to tell exactly."English is what the world needs…": in my blog post i have supported for Semi-English medium. In which Science and Math are tought in English learns what the WORLD needs.. and still manages to keep their love for language alive."English in movies…": I think, occasional english lines in regional movies is ok. Even 'Kaminey' had bengali and Marathi lines in it..and I Dare to say movie is an artform.. because it IS! Did you by any chance watched "Harishchandrachi Factory" a marathi film which was sent for Oscars from India.. not any other movie.i wonder what exactly you mean by "artform"."Don't poison..": well shon.. if you think the westernised brats living in metro cities are those which i am trying to poison.. then don't worry.. they are already poisoned.. and they have no idea of they mother tongue.and if you are saying that i am trying to poison 'young india' then also you are dead wrong.Regional languages are the voices of those thousands and millions of young bhartiya which live in real bharat. and the city dweller young india has no idea about them.You can get real bharat gyan from some of the regional news papers.. and through my blog post i have tried to put same point.Just to be clear again.. i am not undermining the position of english or for that matter any other language. But telling to give due importance to your mother tongue first.and before you reply shon, read the complete blog post.

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