Delhi heights…


I managed to write a blog using mobile.

From capital city of state i.e. Mumbai I have capital city of country… Delhi as it is written on maps; Dilli if I type phonetically; Dehli as it was known some time back (and still used in some part).

If I have to define Delhi in single word I would say ‘huge’, I have never seen such big houses and roads anywhere. Mumbai has taller buildings. but houses..baapre. And its just tip of ice-burg. I have not roamed in capital city that much. just been restricted to 3 km radius. (room to tuition and back) x 2.

About the boring routine, I wonder how people eat paratha as breakfast every single day. But now even I have become part of it. So its b’fast- tuition- lunch – tuition- dinner (study is invisible and constant factor everywhere, so not written explicitly).

In short, there is not much happening to write abt. But I am come across some terrific facts which I’ll surely jot down.