20080727 Sunday
@2130 hrs
Banglore-Pune Highway

It was raining continuously.

We had taken a stop for tea and vada-pav and were heading toward Pune in my Mahindra Renault Logan.

Silver colour Indigo MH11H9930 was driving in front of us with speed of 85-90 Kmph beside the divider.

Our car was behind it with speed of 80 Kmph when suddenly Indigo lost its control… There were few small box shaped divider (rocks) which were around half feet above the ground beside actual divider. Right front wheel of indigo got lifted because of those box dividers.. because of this impact indigos back part lurched clockwise and Left front wheel also got lifted in air.

Just at this moment I pushed brakes hard and our car started skidding.
That indigo was so fast that this 1.5 ton car was completely in air with only small portion of boot (dikki) was touching ground…

Time was going little slow now… I could not take the car to left lane… coz there was another car speeding to overtake. Our car was skidding and if it were have been bit faster we could have dashed straight in to that indigo when it was in air like a ballet dancer.

But we were lucky.. our car slowed down pretty fast. Indigo fell sideways on road with driver’s seat at downside and roof of the car facing us. We were just few feet away from Indigo when it fell and got first bump on ground.. but the scary part was.. our car still skidding toward that indigo. With first bump of indigo on road, it was lifted few inches in air…and it started to topple backward.. i.e.. it was coming at us.

And it happened… our logan dashed in roof of indigo… that too at driver’s side.

I thought… the driver was dead. Just for 2-3 seconds I thought what to do…

I looked back… there were few vehicles coming but they were not that close. There was a guy who was coming out of indigo from back glass which was completely broken.. I could also see some movement at driver’s seat of indigo.

We took our car in reverse and then rushed away in front away from the indigo before anyone sees us at accident spot. Pulled the car on side 20 30 feet in front of indigo. I with 2 my other friends got out of car…as we came out we could hear the indigo which was r accelerating in full throttle… but the car was resting sideways. This gave the indication that the driver was dead.

We ran near the indigo, there were few vehicles which stopped to help these fellows. As we reached at the spot I could sense strong smell of alcohol. Those #$@#$ were drunk.

But thankfully the driver was alive; it was big relief for us. We took the driver out of car. There were only two ppl in that car… and they were not in position to answer anything. They were drunk and shocked. They had few visible injuries but they were not bleeding much.

And people around started the conversation… which car was behind… because of impact from that car indigo might have rushed in divider… We thought it is better to leave this spot as soon as possible.

My car was in driving condition. We got in car and started our way back home… No one was saying a word… It was horrifying experience and we were lucky that we were out of it without a scratch.

We came back to my friends at flat. All were sitting in room… looking at each other…dumbfounded…

And now as we digested what we had seen we started discussing the things. We know worse could have happened… but were happy that things went well. One of my friend said… “काळ आला होता…पण वेळ आली नव्हती” 🙂

I called up the insurance guy, sorted out the things and then left the room.

Before starting for home… I again inspected the car. I opened its bonnet and was pleased to see that even if the bonnet was bent the engine was in perfect shape. Thanks M&M for giving this Renault baby a tough Indian skin :p

What a night it was…

I donno how I was going to explain the things to parents, how much will the insurance cover, will I get permission to drive the car next time.. I just wanted to get away from all these question, so I put on the radio. And the radio was playing “Zindagi bhar nahi bhoolegi woh barsaat ki raat…”


Me… Blogging…??!!!

When I first heard about blogging I wondered why on earth would you share your things with the “world”. If you want to write something better write it on diary and if you want to show it to someone then better show it you to friends… why would you share it with “world”. And when my friends used to tell about their blogs… I would say “मी आणि ब्लॉगिंग…. जा बे.. शक्यच नाही”… and would say “Whatever… I will never write a blog”

Well…I was wrong :p

Blog is really nice platform to put what you think on the world wide web 🙂 I donno how often I am going to write blog… and about what… but still I want to write… Blog is cool way to stay (partially) connected to our friend… it is not easy to keep all the “worth telling” incidents in a stack and tell all in 5, 10 minutes call with our friend who stays “far-far-away” 😉

I am not hardcore blogger… but I will write when I get a feeling like “this should be shared yaar…”
Hope to see you at my blog… 🙂